Jan 222013

Employee engage­ment…it’s become a buzz phrase. There’s a new web­site, related events, and plenty of  research that con­tin­ues to reach the same wor­ry­ing con­clu­sions. With only a third of work­ers engaged and an unhealthy pro­ductiv­ity defi­cit, things aren’t look­ing good.

Per­haps partly in recog­ni­tion of this, human cap­ital is one of the top four chal­lenges cited by busi­ness lead­ers in a recent CEO Chal­lenge study.

But there’s a prob­lem here…

Bored employee / engagementThe gen­eral con­sensus in the research is that poor employee engage­ment stems from inad­equate lead­er­ship. 

So are lead­ers look­ing at how they must change their own behaviour?

And are the lead­ers who most need to change inter­ested — or cap­able — of changing?

You can­not expect to per­form at a high level unless people are per­son­ally engaged. It’s found­a­tional for a high-performing company

Doug Con­ant

Do you think it’s time for lead­er­ship in a new groove?


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  • http://twitter.com/AcademyOfRock Peter Cook

    HR people say the word engage­ment at con­fer­ences more times than Robert Plant says the word Baby in the aver­age Led Zep­pelin song