Mar 192013

Do you know any bar­rier break­ers? Maybe you’re one?

Here are some I’ve come across recently…

Firstly, Dylan and Shabba from One Mile Away, who are break­ing through back­ward focus by ques­tion­ing the received wis­dom about what it means to be a young black man in the UK. They’re speak­ing out about the accep­ted mes­sages they receive that bene­fit oth­ers while cor­rupt­ing their com­munity - includ­ing the glam­or­ised images pro­moted by rap — and are work­ing to make change even if it makes them unpop­u­lar with some in their world.

Why bother? Because they’re con­vinced that there’s a bet­ter way to live, and that change can only hap­pen if there’s an altern­at­ive vis­ion to the nar­row one cur­rently favoured.

It’s not the truth; it’s all an illusion

Then there’s Anita Fin­lay, who’s break­ing through the bar­rier of down­ward focus by expos­ing the power­ful, hid­den forces that shape the US elect­oral pro­cess. Her new book, Dirty Words on Clean Skin, is a metic­u­lously researched, highly read­able expose of sex­ism and media bias. In writ­ing it she put her­self at risk of ostra­cism, cri­ti­cism, and ridicule.

Why bother? Because she’s con­vinced that the bet­ter treat­ment of women bene­fits us all.

The brain­wash­ing is so per­vas­ive some­times we don’t even real­ise it’s happening

Hats off to these intrepid, independent-minded, difference-makers and bar­rier breakers!


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