Mar 272014

How are you at mak­ing big decisions?

“Do I want to take this job?”

“Do I want to employ that person?”

“Do I want to develop this idea?” 

Can you make a quick decision?

How do you fig­ure out the answer?

For many people it involves writ­ing lists of pros and cons, maybe sleep­less nights mulling everything over again and again, or end­less dis­cus­sions with any­one who will listen.

All of which takes time. And doesn’t neces­sar­ily pro­duce the best answer. Con­tinue reading »

Mar 062014

Bul­ly­ing is no laugh­ing mat­ter, no mat­ter what kind of garb it gets dressed up in. Of the pleth­ora of bul­ly­ing tech­niques, “I was only jok­ing” must be one of the most pop­u­lar — it not only deliv­ers the ‘zing’ of the insult, but also the double whammy of “and you’ve got no sense of humour.” Deli­cious for the bully. Plus, as with all the best bul­ly­ing tech­niques, it’s tough to detect.

Bul­ly­ing at work is an enorm­ous prob­lem. From the army, to the Health Ser­vice, it’s every­where, estim­ated to affect at least 1 in 4 people in UK work­places.   Con­tinue reading »

Feb 262014

Vir­tual work­ing has many advant­ages, for employer and employee. But man­aging vir­tual teams is chal­len­ging. 

Lead­ers need to address and over­come human and tech­nical bar­ri­ers if they’re to make it work — par­tic­u­larly the former, which are often cov­ert and cor­ros­ive. Con­tinue reading »

Jan 312014

..but it’s essen­tial for indi­vidual well-being and healthy, win­ning organisations.

The recent Ser­i­ous Busi­ness 2014 con­fer­ence in New Orleans was entitled Trust Me? Penelope Tobin’s key­note present­a­tion fea­tured her on piano, accom­pan­ied by New Orleans jazz musi­cians from the renowned group Astral Pro­ject. Together they told the story of jazz-leadership, played out ideas from The Jazz of Busi­ness, and fea­tured the import­ance of trust. Con­tinue reading »

Nov 272013

When people talk to you do you listen?

For example, when someone tells you about a prob­lem they have, do you really listen to them?

Or are you busy think­ing about some­thing else? Con­tinue reading »

Nov 192013

We’ve been told that feed­back is a good thing. The more the bet­ter in fact. 360° makes it clear…everyone’s opin­ion counts.

That’s a lot of opinions.

Prob­ably all different.

Or pos­sibly all the same, say­ing that you or your work is rub­bish, laugh­able, wrong.

If that’s the case you’d be in good com­pany… Con­tinue reading »

Oct 162013

When times are tough it’s tempt­ing to hunker down and play it safe, who­ever we are.

Men­tion ‘change’ or ‘innov­a­tion’, and from employ­ees, entre­pren­eurs, and CEOs alike you’re liable to hear the cry, “now’s just not the right time!” Con­tinue reading »

Sep 232013

All of us — espe­cially lead­ers — like to believe that we dance to the beat of our own drum, that we know our own minds, and we’re act­ing accord­ing to our own values.

But then some­thing can hap­pen to pop us out of our illu­sion. Con­tinue reading »