Sep 082014

Rap­port — it’s the secret to con­nect­ing well with people, with your col­leagues, your cus­tom­ers, your family.

It’s how you get people to trust you.

Want to improve your rapport?

Well, you can do some train­ing… Con­tinue reading »

Jul 222014

The clas­sic Miles Davis record­ing, Kind Of Blue, was pro­duced without any prior rehearsal — and pretty much done in one take.

Talk about a cre­at­ive pro­voca­tion! Your work is being recor­ded for pos­ter­ity, and you’ve NO idea where you’re going before you start.

So how did Miles make this cre­at­ive pro­voca­tion work so bril­liantly? And what can a busi­ness leader learn from it…and become a jazz-leader? Con­tinue reading »

Jun 242014

Uncer­tainty is one of the hard­est states for humans to deal with. Trouble is, we’re sur­roun­ded by uncer­tainty, as famil­iar sys­tems and struc­tures topple, and the rapid­ity of change in all areas of life increases.

For employ­ees already exper­i­en­cing high levels of uncer­tainty in the rest of their lives, addi­tional uncer­tainty at work can lead to dan­ger­ous levels of stress. Con­tinue reading »

Jun 102014

In a recent post we looked at email over­whelm and how you can reduce this if you work in an organisation.

But maybe you want to take con­trol of your own email? If so, here are some simple tips that will get you into a har­mo­ni­ous rela­tion­ship with it: Con­tinue reading »

May 132014

Who in your life isn’t per­son­ally affected by the out­come of your decisions?

Who doesn’t have their own agenda front of mind when they say what you should or shouldn’t do?

Who do you trust to give you an unbiased, informed opin­ion of your actions?

Who will tell you the truth, as they see it, and who will you listen to? Con­tinue reading »

Apr 292014

Do you work for an organisation?

What’s its Com­mu­nic­a­tion Policy like? Or more spe­cific­ally, its Email Policy?

Is there one?

If there is, have you read it?

Has it helped your pro­ductiv­ity and workflow?

Has it reduced stress and improved the qual­ity of your work?

Is it use­ful, or just for ‘show’? Con­tinue reading »

Mar 272014

How are you at mak­ing big decisions?

“Do I want to take this job?”

“Do I want to employ that person?”

“Do I want to develop this idea?” 

Can you make a quick decision?

How do you fig­ure out the answer?

For many people it involves writ­ing lists of pros and cons, maybe sleep­less nights mulling everything over again and again, or end­less dis­cus­sions with any­one who will listen.

All of which takes time. And doesn’t neces­sar­ily pro­duce the best answer. Con­tinue reading »

Mar 062014

Bul­ly­ing is no laugh­ing mat­ter, no mat­ter what kind of garb it gets dressed up in. Of the pleth­ora of bul­ly­ing tech­niques, “I was only jok­ing” must be one of the most pop­u­lar — it not only deliv­ers the ‘zing’ of the insult, but also the double whammy of “and you’ve got no sense of humour.” Deli­cious for the bully. Plus, as with all the best bul­ly­ing tech­niques, it’s tough to detect.

Bul­ly­ing at work is an enorm­ous prob­lem. From the army, to the Health Ser­vice, it’s every­where, estim­ated to affect at least 1 in 4 people in UK work­places.   Con­tinue reading »

Feb 262014

Vir­tual work­ing has many advant­ages, for employer and employee. But man­aging vir­tual teams is chal­len­ging. 

Lead­ers need to address and over­come human and tech­nical bar­ri­ers if they’re to make it work — par­tic­u­larly the former, which are often cov­ert and cor­ros­ive. Con­tinue reading »